Is buying a flat in Panvel a good investment decision?
Hiranandani Communities | 03 July,2017

The rising node of Navi Mumbai, Panvel has emerged being a both commercial and residential real estate hot spot. Buying property in Panvel is an extremely golden opportunity for home buyers, investors and NRIs with several new projects thriving in the region.

Buying your dream home in Chennai, a good investment
Hiranandani Communities | 30 June,2017

With real estate market mushrooming, all around the world. The real estate market of India has witnessed tremendous growth than ever before. Chennai is one among the top real estate hotspots of India due to its rapidly growth and development in various sectors

Panvel – The future city of India
Hiranandani Communities | 28 June,2017

While the satellite city, Navi Mumbai outgrows with its spillover areas called suburbs. One such suburb Panvel is rapidly thriving the growth which makes it one of the fastest growing real estate hotspots. The area is gaining tremendous popularity among home buyers, property investors, HNIs and NRIs. One of the most well-planned city networks, Panvel is seamlessly connected through the city.

Panvel- the property investment hub of Navi Mumbai
Hiranandani Communities | 26 June,2017

Panvel is presently one of the most popular areas in Navi Mumbai. Undoubtedly, Panvel is truly a well-planned city with the best infrastructure. Due to the quick advancement in the land of Panvel and its connectivity with Pune and Alibaug, people have started migrating to this beautiful city of Navi Mumbai.

Residential localities to look out for in Chennai for good returns
Hiranandani Communities | 23 June,2017

Chennai is one of the best cosmopolitan cities in India, which has attracted a lot of realtors. Over the last few years, new residential projects are mushrooming across the city along with the infrastructural growth. Most the projects are built to suit the buyers’ requirements, which makes this place a much sort after place amongst homebuyers. The city is still growing and is accommodating new industries, making property investment a profitable option. Some of the locations that are becoming the investment hubs are :