5 Creative ways you can decorate your kitchen

5 Creative ways you can decorate your Kitchen | Hiranandani Communities

5 Creative ways you can decorate your kitchen
Hiranandani Communities | 20 October,2018

Kitchen Decoration Tips

Your kitchen is the room where all the magic and chaos happens. It is a sacred space which adds soul and flavour to the home. That’s why we’ve curated a list of creative ways you can decorate your kitchen to make it more functional and beautiful.

  1. Add trendy racks: Racks can help you arrange your pots and pans the way you want to. However, that doesn’t mean they have to look boring. Opt for trendy wall-mounted, hanging or pegboard racks that will beautify your kitchen, segregate your utensils and add to the aesthetic of the décor.  
  2. Hideaway Furniture: Just because a kitchen is an action zone doesn’t mean it should be cluttered. A spacious kitchen is always more welcoming and appealing. Declutter your kitchen by choosing hideaway furniture which can easily be stored away when not in use. Drop down stations, roll out chairs, stools, and use items like these to make your kitchen voluminous. Create more space to add grace to your kitchen.
  3. Clear your counters: The most elegant and eye-catching feature of your kitchen are your counters. Let the sheen of your marble counters show through. Simply keeping your counters clutter-free and clean adds vitality to your kitchen. Clear your counters and you add elegance to your kitchen.
  4. A backsplash: Add in a bit of art by going for a fun backsplash. Not only will the backsplash protect your kitchen wall from liquids but also be a part of its decorum. Pick a hue of colours, a swanky pattern or design to adorn your kitchen backsplash with. If your kitchen has been decorated with a theme in mind; make sure the backsplash blends in with the theme.
  5. Contrast: Make sure there’s a splash of contrast to the décor of your kitchen. A colourful carpet, contrasting marble or even a painting can enhance the look and feel of the whole kitchen.

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