Home automation: The next wave of change in the real estate industry

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Home automation: The next wave of change in the real estate industry
Hiranandani Communities | 17 April 2019

Home Automation

Do you leave lights, fans and other electrical equipment switched-on while going out? If yes, then you have a solution now for this problem. Home Automation - that controls lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances of your home, is the future in home technology. While technology has impacted each and every sector present today, real estate has been transformed by it completely.

One of the main reasons for it is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. Through AI, real estate sector has been able to speed up many of its time-consuming processes. Virtual Reality has also helped in taking the vast real estate market into the living rooms of the buyers and let them live and experience the ambience of the home if they chose to buy it. Let’s see, how IoT and home automation is going to impact real estate in the coming future:


Indian real estate is huge and everyone these days is looking to own smart home. A new home is just not enough anymore as we want our homes to be more than what they are supposed to be. With a voice-controlled music system, gesture-controlled lighting, centrally controlled security through CCTV and video screens etc., the normal ready possession flats have already become smart. For reasons being security or comfort at home, people are adapting to these technologies at a much faster rate. 


The technology which allows every appliance in your kitchen to be automatically connected with each other already exists, but it is not as cheap yet, to be as common as Alexa. Through the Internet of Things, we can be sitting in our living room and get the garbage container emptied, and with just a command get the air purified, switch on and off AC amongst other things. Someday, with proper automation, we will be cooking food like we order food currently. 


Once the full wave of home automation hits the market, elderly people who need to depend now on some human support will benefit the most. Their daily activities where a nurse is required would mostly be done by an artificial assistant with a voice command. And in case of emergencies, medical support will be at their gate within no time. 


The best part about technology is that it is so efficient that it automatically reduces the total number of process and people involved in it. As soon as cars came into existence, within few years hand-pulled rickshaws saw the downfall. In a similar way, once VR and smart homes are fully functional in our daily lives, the need to call and get home through a broker will be eliminated and all the transactions can be done in between the owner and the buyer directly.

Many real estate players have already started upgrading their offerings with automated technologies like virtual home rounds. Soon, some new technology will come and change the way we look at the real estate market now. Hiranandani Communities, one of the leading builders in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai are providing easy to automate homes to their buyers. Check out the website to know more about the smart home features and their new Panvel property.