How to use colour to make your home a vibrant space?

How to Use Colour to Make Your Home a Vibrant Space

How to use colour to make your home a vibrant space?
Hiranandani Communities | 27 July,2018

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A colour is a powerful tool that helps create a living space that warms the heart. We have collected a few ideas that will surely help you in turning your apartment into a vibrant space.

  1. A colorful throw rug: You can add texture and colour to your living room with a colourful throw rug. You can place it either under a chair and a coffee table or leave it as the room’s centerpiece with nothing atop it. Get throw rugs that come in contrasting colours or look for a beautiful pattern that goes well with the theme of the room. 
  1. Opt for bright colours to create an illusion of space: If you want your apartment to look larger than it really is then you can opt for vibrant colours like a bright yellow or an orange to add space to your home exterior. White too can give you the perfect blank canvas to offset your colourful travel mementos.
  2. Reds in the kitchen: Colour your kitchen with oranges and reds. The colour red has been shown to increase appetite in many people. Many restaurants also opt to design their dining area with a red colour. It is the colour that displays warmth and also attracts attention. Red also symbolizes courage, love, and passion and is also ideal for living rooms of the apartment. 
  1. Go for pastels: Pastels brighten up any space of the apartment and make it look bigger. We suggest light pink, peach, mauve, lilac, and lavender. Besides, you can paint the doors and window frames in light and subtle colours. For small-sized rooms, you can opt for yellow, pink and lavender. 
  1. Opt for cool colours in summer and deep tones during winter: You can opt for cool colours such as blue in summer. This can make your apartment feel cool, clean and fresh during summer. You can opt to decorate your apartment with deep tones during the winter season. Opt for colours such as red, oranges and yellow in your home décor. You may use cool colours in your bathroom and bedroom. You may also paint your rooms in calmer shades such as blue, green or even lavender. 
  1. Calming bedrooms: We suggest the colour blue for your bedroom as it is known to symbolize the calm of the seas or the tranquility of the skies. Paint the walls in hues of blue, with bed linens in subtle shades of light blue, contrasting with a cobalt blue duvet.
  2. Opt for bright accessories: Opt for light-coloured accessories to make the rooms in your apartment look elegant and classy. You can opt for matching bright yellow lamps to create a bold statement. 
  1. Add flowers and plants: Bring nature to you, with the addition of a few potted plants or even a terrarium. Terrariums are miniature gardens that are easy to make and can even be placed on your work table at home. All they need is a bit of watering from time to time. 
  1. Add a lot of colour into your apartment through artwork: Make the rooms in your apartment look elegant by adding artwork and photography. Photography art allows you to give your décor more of a personal touch. If you wish to give a serene look to your apartment, you may opt for classic and traditional paintings. You may also choose modern art that is known for its simplicity.
  2. Consider a theme: If you stay in a crowded city but miss the beach, why not bring the beach home with a beach themed apartment? All you need to do is get colourful rugs, re-upholster your furniture with bright beach hues, get vibrantly coloured curtains, and don’t forget some coral paperweights and of course, a fish tank.