Things to keep in mind before moving into your new home

Things to Keep In Mind Before Moving Into Your New Home

Things to keep in mind before moving into your new home
Hiranandani Communities | 08 April 2019

Tips Before Buying New Home

Yes, you have accomplished one major task in your life from your checklist by buying a home of your own. Congratulations! It’s a step, everyone wants to take but not many are successful in this endeavour. After buying the home and before shifting in it, there lies a buffer period which is to plan the moving process. Which is one of the most essential processes to undergo, otherwise after moving you will feel like moving into a new apartment and not your home. Few things to get done in your new house before moving into it:


Before actually moving into your new abode, get the walls painted as you have always imagined them to be. It is good to get the painting done during this buffer period as you will have lots of other important work after your shift and it will be difficult also for you with all your furniture and luggage present there to get the painting done.

Not just the walls but the existing furniture (cupboards, doors, windows etc.) as well should be painted. And if you can’t decide the colours then just get everything painted white. You can match your furniture and other colour schemes and paint your walls accordingly, later also. 


With a subscription to so many services like mail, newspaper, magazines, insurance policies etc., received on a monthly basis, it is important to notify all of them in advance and get your address changed. In most cases of house shifting, people forget to get their address changed and later, they end up spending their important time on these. Use this buffer period judiciously and save yourself ‘n’ number of trips to these offices. Good thing is, most of the services can be transferred to your new address with just a mail. So, don’t forget to put it on your to-do list for the buffer period. 


Once you receive the keys to your new place, it is extremely important to get all the locks changed. Because during the shifting process, you lend your keys to so many people working on different things in your place, that they can easily be duplicated. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Once you control the locks of your home, you also control the safety that comes along with it. 


After the purchase, you will be moving into an empty home and will need to get many things installed before you can actually start living there. Such as air condition, CCTV cameras, bathroom fittings, kitchen taps etc. With all these things already in place, once you move, you will just need to place your furniture and other stuff in their designated spaces.


Now that you have taken care of most of the things during the buffer period itself, you can start your new journey with ease and comfort into your new home. A reputed builder like Hiranandani communities, who offer their properties in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai takes care of these small things for you before your shift. If you are still finalizing a home for yourself, check out the upcoming residential projects in Navi Mumbai by Hiranandani Builders.