Tips you can use to showcase your style in your home

Tips you can use to showcase your style in your home | Hiranandani Communities

Tips you can use to showcase your style in your home
Hiranandani Communities | 23 October,2018

Home styling Tips

Your home should showcase your aesthetic, your personality and channel your aura. This is where you use interior design as your medium. The décor you use reflects you. That's why we've created a guide to help you decorate your home, in your style.

  1. Don't decorate from a shop: When you want to decorate your home in your own unique style, don't start decorating while you're at the furniture shop, browsing. Don't look at furniture and add it to your home. Instead, define the concept for the style you’d like your home to have and then look for furniture accordingly. This will tie in all your furniture items, from sofas to carpets and wall hangings to a central theme and design aesthetic.
  2. How do you want to live? Answer this question to discover your style. Once you have a clear definition of the style you want, you can then craft a theme with a thought-out colour palette. Once you narrow down on a theme, you'll be able to pick out furniture and décor items accordingly.
  3. Create a room plan: Use your floor plan to plot out the interior of your home. Draw a rough sketch of your floor plan and then mark what furniture you want to put up in each room, how you want to style each of your rooms. This will help you plan and identify what furniture you need in every room.
  4. Layer up: Once you have defined your theme and planned out each room, you can shop for the décor items you need and decorate your home. In doing so, don't rush into decorating your entire home in one go. Decorate slowly but attentively. Design it in layers. Start with painting the walls, flooring, carpets, and lighting then move on to wall art, window treatments, and other décor items.

Make use of these tips to decorate your home as per your style. And if you're looking for flats in Panvel, check our Hiranandani Fortune City, a comprehensive township in Panvel by Hiranandani Communities.