10 makeover ideas that will revamp your bedroom

10 Makeover Ideas That will Revamp your Bedroom

10 makeover ideas that will revamp your bedroom
Hiranandani Communities | 21 July,2018

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Do you feel that your bedroom décor is boring and needs some refurbishing? Want to turn your bedroom into a cherished oasis? We have curated tips and ideas which will enable you to give your bedroom a facelift and make it cozier. 

  1. Give your bedroom a unique look: Before you start to redecorate your bedroom, lock down on an aesthetic, look or feel you would like your interior to symbolize. Once you have a vision for the look of your bedroom, bring in unique prints, posters, painting, sculptures, and artifacts which ooze your vision.
  2. Get creative: If you’re low on budget, use what you have. Work with existing and readily available materials in your home to revamp your interior. Pile up big coffee-table books to cover up empty space or create a make shift bookshelf. Turn your kid’s school projects and artwork into your art displays. Frame old family photos and hang them up on walls and add some nostalgia to your home.
  3. Change the position of the bed:  Small changes make a big difference. Try changing the position of your bed. Move it beneath the windows to enjoy being woken up by warm sunlight on your face and go to bed with the moon and stars around the periphery of your vision. A simple change in direction or position will help you bring in more space in the bedroom.
  4. Add storage under the bed: Consider buying beds that come with extra storage. For a small bedroom, storage beds are the ideal choice. The storage beds can give you several drawers as well as a dresser. Beds with extra storage will provide you additional space in the bedroom and make the whole space look minimalistic.
  5. Replace your old headboard with an attractive one: Do away with your old headboard and replace it with a chic new one. Opt for bold colours and shapes to jazz up the decorum. Or opt for a headboard which adds finesse to your room’s aesthetic. Pick a headboard which sports stylish fabrics such as velvet and linen.
  6. Set the mood with lighting: Let your bedroom be a reflection of your mood with some apt lighting! Choose fixtures which not only reflect your room’s aesthetic but also contribute to it. Brighten up your bedroom by installing a recessed light, a chandelier or some wall sconces. Put up dimmer switches so you can adjust your room’s lighting according to your liking. If cozy is what you are going for then install a few soft bulbs around the space. On the other hand, if you want to make your space more regal, install hanging lights which radiate modernism and elegance.
  7. Place a colourful rug: Elevate your bedroom’s design with a rug which is in tune with your theme. Put a vibrant rug that fits comfortably around the edge of the bed. Select colours and patterns which accentuate your décor’s theme.
  8. Choosing the right flooring for your bedroom: Don’t ignore the floor beneath your feet! Make sure your bedroom’s flooring is welcoming and in accordance with the rest of the room’s aesthetic. Go for wooden floorings which add a rich feel to the room and provide an earthy base to it. You can even opt for tiled or cement flooring which makes for the perfect base in areas with warm climates.
  9. Bedroom curtains reflect your personal style: Let something as commonplace as the curtains in your room showcase your sense of interior design. Attention to little details like curtains adds a touch of personalization to your bedroom. Pick out curtains which align with the look of the rest of the room.
  10. Create a private courtyard: To enhance the appearance of your bedroom, create a private courtyard or balcony. This will make your bedroom look spacious, clutter-free as well as bring in more natural light