10 super-fun themes for a childs room

10 Super-Fun Themes for a Child’s Room

10 super-fun themes for a childs room
Hiranandani Communities | 25 July,2018

Child's Room Theme

Decorating your child’s room can be quite a task especially if it has to be designed according to a particular theme. We have put together some super-fun theme ideas which will help you to convert your kid’s room into a creative one and add a wow factor to it.


  1. The jungle-inspired bedroom: You can give a cool and creative appearance to your kid’s room by adding bright colours to a jungle inspired bedroom for children. Picking a forest-canopy wall mural with bright and amazing colours will help you in adding a lively ambiance for the whole room. You may also use some jungle stuffed animals and a jungle-themed wallpaper on the walls. For beds, we suggest a safari-car inspired bed or even a bird’s nest! If there are two children sharing a room, we suggest a bunk bed made of rustic jungle beams.
  2. A beach-themed bedroom: Everyone loves the beach! We suggest beach throw pillows with animal designs like a turtle or starfish on it. Use educational graphics that allow your children to learn more about marine life. To make the room a little more interesting, we suggest an old world atlas or a globe. Even a framed treasure map on a wall would add to the theme. You can make beds from a used wooden boat along with a cool signboard. Decorate the walls of the bedroom with seashells and stars.
  3. Space themed bedrooms: You can add an outer-space wall mural with decorative planets and astronauts. Space-inspired bedding can add that extra fun. You may opt for a light blue colour scheme in combination with wooden furnishings. This look is perfect to create a fun ambiance in the bedroom and make it look appealing. Try opting for an interesting galaxy artwork behind the wall that works as a focal point for modern furnishings.
  4. Travel-theme based room: Take a traditional map and ask your children to add pins for dream destinations or places visited. If your friends are far away then you can pin photos of family and friends to mark where they reside. You can also add map wall stickers featuring animals from around the world. You may ask kids to collect postcards from journeys. This is a good way to remember your family travels. You can either hang them individually or hang them as a part of a gallery wall. They look amazing for a travel themed bedroom for children.
  5. Cool car themed-cars room: Get a bed in the form of a racing car and your kids will surely love it. You may decorate the walls with a car wall appliques. You can also put up narrow shelving to display car collections. Besides, you may also add some framed calendar photos or posters of race cars. You can decorate your kid’s room with race car-themed pillows with a tire. You can decorate the wall with car-themed wallpaper. This is a good way to turn your kid’s bedroom into an exciting space.
  6. A cartoon themed bedroom for children: You can use bed sheets, curtains, and cushions with cartoon characters as kids are fascinated and love cartoon characters. You may also decorate and paint the walls of the room in light colour and paste murals of cartoons on the walls. You can also decorate the furnishings in a similar fashion. You may opt for bed sheets with cartoon themes in bright colours. Choose cartoon themed curtains in bright colours and bigger prints that will enhance the décor of your kid’s room. You may also get cartoon shaped accessories such as cartoon themed rugs, photo frames, wall lights, cushions, and mirrors.
  7. Stylish fairy tale-inspired theme: Get a giant mirror or add whimsical glued stickers with polka dot patterns, cushions and bedding. You can also decorate your balcony with fairy garden terrariums. You can also create wall art by painting branches on stairway wall and then stick flowers of fabric. Give a fairytale feel to any room with a chandelier.
  8. Sports-themed room: Sports themed for boy’s bedroom are a perfect way to add some personality to your kid’s room. You may opt for a sports-themed bed cover and pillows. You can also match curtains, rugs, or throw pillows for an instant themed effect. Give a personal touch to the room’s theme with team merchandise. Besides, you can also use jerseys, balls, baseball bats, and old pictures of players or stadiums.
  9. Dinosaur-themed room: Reference and use murals of prehistoric plants. Make miniature dinosaur skeletons or even frame pictures of dinosaurs, use dinosaur stickers and dinosaur toys to enhance the décor. You can also paint dinosaur footprints in the furniture, light switch covers and other surfaces of the room. 
  10. Toy-story themed room: Get a toy-story themed bedding with night lamps of your child’s favorite characters, you could even put a rug or two with character images. Go all out to complete the décor with themed lighting fixtures, curtains, and tables to create an amazing room which your kids will surely adore.