5 important design elements you should use to decorate your villa

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5 important design elements you should use to decorate your villa
Hiranandani Communities | 19 Sep, 2018

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You've locked down on your dream vacation home in Khandala or bought a villa in one of Khandala villa projects, now let it reflect your style. A vacation home should feel like a home away from home, while having a refreshing identity of its own. Make your property stand out from other plots in Khandala by decorating it with your aesthetics. To help you get started, we've listed the most basic elements you can use to your advantage while decorating your vacation home.

1. Theme - Let your villa tell a luxurious story. The first step to decorating any living space is defining the tone you'd like it to reflect. Always start out by narrowing down on the aesthetic you'd like your villa to embody and then decorate accordingly. Without a clear theme to weave the interior of every room, a villa will simply look like a collection of mismatched rooms. That's why; you should start out by picking out a theme for your entire interior ensemble. Having a theme will serve as a guiding light for picking out decor items and furniture for your villa.

2. Color - Color is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to interior decoration. Colors can either make or break your decor. Use the power of colors to your advantage and make your villa vibrant yet luxurious. Post selecting a theme for your interior, pick out a color scheme which is in accordance with your theme.

3. Patterns and contrast - Once you have a theme and a color palette, you can pick out patterns which will strike the perfect balance between the continuity of your theme while providing contrast. You can add patterns anywhere. It can be splayed on one of your walls, pillow covers, bed sheets or flooring. Simply make sure that the patterns you use to add a dash of contrast doesn't hog the attention but blend into the aesthetic.

4. Light - Another detrimental element which shapes up the interior of any living space is light. Similar to color, the lighting in a room, natural or man-made, has an impact on the occupant's mood and psyche too. That's why, it is crucial to pay attention to lighting.  Use soft light wherever possible. Use accent light to highlight art pieces and decor items.

5. Space - Interior decoration isn't about putting up artsy items around living spaces. It includes using space to make a room elaborate and livable. Ensure that you balance positive space, i.e. space filled with objects, with negative space. Apt use of space makes even the smallest room appear spacious. 

Make the best use of these elements to decorate your villa and make it into a luxurious vacation home.

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