5 ways to reduce plastic usage at home

  • Reduce Plastic Usage At Home
    1Jun 2019

    Plastic being cheap, versatile, durable, and easily available, makes it very popular. Its demand and consumption seem to be expanding daily. With the increasing use of plastic products and no proper means of disposing them efficiently and effectively, it is causing a huge environmental problem. Plastic is not only causing a hassle to the environment but also impacting our health terribly.Hence, replacing plastic and opting for a more eco-friendly resource seems to be the need of the hour. Here are some suggestions on how you can eliminate plastic usage in your lavish apartment in Mumbai .

    • Replace the basics

      Products like moisturiser, toothbrushes, razors and hair combs are certain products that one cannot go without. However the new conscience in the market has given us several alternatives. Replace plastic toothbrushes with bamboo brushes, moisturiser bottles with moisturiser body bars, disposable razors with disposable blades and plastic combs with wooden combs.

    • Glass milk bottles, not bags

      Choose a local dairy that provides milk in reusable glass bottles rather than providing milk in plastic bags.

    • Make your own snacks and energy bars

      Treat yourself with some homemade energy bars and snacks. Instead of going and buying those plastic wrapped, preservative filled snacks take some time off your busy schedule to cook some healthy snacks. This will not only eliminate plastic usage but will also give you some much needed “me time”

    • Attention to your work desk

      Replace pens with pencils. Start using pens only when necessary. Also, opt for a refillable fountain pen that allows you to refill the pen with a glass bottle instead of using plastic cartridges.Breaking up with plastic is rather difficult but as you can see it’s not really that hard to find an alternative.Hiranandani Communities  always aims at using products and resources that are eco-friendly that aid environmental conservation. Moreover, small steps lead to big changes and it all starts at home.

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