Amenities to look for while buying your dream home in Panvel

Amenities to look for while buying 2BHK flats in Panvel | Hiranandani Communities

Amenities to look for while buying your dream home in Panvel
Hiranandani Communities | 27 Sep, 2018

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An apartment simply isn't enough. The perks that you get from the extension of your property are also what add value to your investment. Picking out the right apartment, thus, requires you to consider looking at the amenities the project provides. To help you make the right choice, we've got a checklist of the most basic yet essential amenities your dream home in Panvel should have.

1. Location: The location of your property in Panvel is not only one of the most important elements of your real estate investment but also an amenity. The right location, especially in metro cities, makes life easier. When your home is close to your office and your children's' school, your family saves a lot of time on commuting. Also, a prime location puts your family right in the middle of the city's best offerings.

2. Ventilation: Living in cramped or stuffy spaces can have a negative impact on the physiological health of residents. Your dream 2BHK flats in Panvel should have lung space. Before locking down on an apartment, make sure it has enough air flow, natural lighting and cross ventilation.

3. Security: Your home is your safe spot and it should make you feel secure. Take a look at the security services, residential or township projects in Panvel provide. Your home should be aptly secured with the best of automated and security services.

4. Water: Water sustains life. However, in most major metro cities, water is a scarce resource which isn't easily available to every locale and apartment complex. That's why it is crucial to check whether the water supply in your new luxurious apartment in Panvel is regular.

5. Relaxation and recreational facilities: You and your family can relax and indulge in the recreation of your choice around your home. Doesn't that make a home better? Amenities like playgrounds, gardens, swimming pools, gyms, etc. make an addition to the quality of life around you. When you browse new projects in Panvel, check if they provide the recreational and relaxation amenities you prefer.

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