April’s Trendiest Homes

April Trendiest Homes | Hiranandani Communities

April’s Trendiest Homes
Hiranandani Communities | 17 April,2018

April Trendiest Homes

The times we live in incorporate homes that have evolved in nature. Some of India’s glitziest and trendiest homes; ranges from the simple and elegant to the opulent and grandiose. Here are some of our favourite borrowed ideas:

A Storybook Wall

If you’re an avid reader, or even a writer, this is the perfect idea for your home. Cover one of your walls with book covers you’ve read when you were a child, or a collection of book covers from authors who’ve inspired you. Re-develop an area within your home to be full of bookshelves and retro book stands, with an antique desk for reading. You can even use the space under the stairs for storing books. This can be complemented with quaint vintage lamps. Continue the theme in your verandah or balcony with a miniature garden of potted plants and a bamboo swing for the perfect outdoor reading experience.

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Your love for nature could reflect in your choice of furniture – with driftwood pieces, instead of the boring mass-produced dinner table and chairs. Even your bedroom could bring you outdoors with indoor-friendly plants like lavender and periwinkles. Don’t forget that the ambience of your home can be further enhanced with textured greens and vibrant blues on your walls. If your favourite place is the beach, bring seashells into your home as decorative pieces for your washroom or balcony.

The Art of Opulence

Make chandeliers the highlight of your home.  Use miniature chandeliers in almost all the rooms. With the crescendo of a grand chandelier culminating in a space where you’d receive guests, like the hall area. As this is all about light, add ornate lamps with baroque-styled furniture to complete the majestic look.

Get Inspired by Vintage

If you love the warmth and history all ensconced in an ancestral home, you could refurbish your walls with a rough rustic look and add wooden beams to your ceilings. Brass fittings will add an old accent with a touch of class. Install old bell-jars with a jumble of LED lights instead of bland white fluorescent lighting.

The Intrepid Traveller

If you’re a wanderer at heart, it’s time to let your home showcase the places you’ve been to. Your walls could have the deep blues and whitewashes of Santorini, or even a Turkish bathtub in your washroom. Add a square of gold and blue mosaics in your living room instead of a rug or carpet. Don’t forget to showcase your memories with quaint accessories like a miniature guitar or bike replicas hanging on the wall.


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