Art & Accessories for your bathroom

Art & Accessories for your Bathroom | Hiranandani Communities

Art & Accessories for your bathroom
Hiranandani Communities | 25 June,2018

Everything from artwork to wall colors can have an impact in your bathroom. So, give your bathroom a makeover with some of our latest tips and ideas. 

  • Give your bathroom a beach theme
  • With the help of colors, textures and images from the beach you can give your bathroom a nautical ocean feel.  Choose cool tones such as blue and green that are idea choice for a beach themed bathroom. You can even add a fun beached themed shower curtain. Get beach-themed towels and rugs to match the shower curtain. Create some fun designs if you have smaller shells. You can also fill a glass jar with small shells and pebbles from the beach. 
  • Mirrors that make a statement 
  • Mirrors are perfect for small bathrooms as they make the space look bigger. You can create a bold look by finding mirrors with attractive frames. You can opt for round mirrors or a modern hanging style which are an ideal choice for a bathroom. Mirror frames are also a great option to add some colors to a neutral bathroom. Bring triptych mirrors to give your bathroom the feel of an old Hollywood dressing room.
  •  Bathroom storage to add space and stay organized 
  • You may opt for a built-in storage tower that stores towels but give an elegant look to a dull looking bathroom area. Get a simple storage ladder and store different items. Paint the ladder in any color to complement your bathroom design style. Get stacked wicker baskets and place it under a sink to allow easy access to toiletries. 
  • Candle as a nice stylish accessory 
  • Get a few candles and silver and glass tea light holders to create a perfect ambience for a comforting bath.  The goal for having candles in the bathrooms is to do away with unpleasant odors. You can also decorate your bathtub with lavender or vanilla candles. Sculpted candles are best suited if your bathroom has a theme. Scented faux candles are an interesting option if children visit the bathroom often. 
  • Flowers and vases that reflects your personal touch 
  • Bring a larger vase on a stool in the corner of the bathroom and make a floral statement if you have additional space in your bathroom. If there is less space, you may opt for tiny bud vases. You may also opt for tiny vase of blooms to add a touch of charm into otherwise gloomy area. Give your bathroom a luxury spa feel by opting for an elegant orchid plant. Aloe Vera is also a perfect choice for a bathroom. You may keep this plant close to a bathroom window.
  • Playing with arts
  • Opt for calm landscapes and scenic art work like hand-colored lithographs of quiet beaches to seascape oil paintings for a composed and peaceful space. You can also opt for an abstract painting or paint that you love. Look for the one that matches the colors of the finishes in your bathroom. 

So, get ready to give your bathroom an innovative look by refurbishing your bathroom with these cool artwork and bath accessories.