Checking the construction quality of a housing project

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Checking the construction quality of a housing project
Hiranandani Communities | 11 July,2018

Housing Project

When you buy a property you want to be sure of its construction quality. There are certain ways to ensure that the construction of your new apartment is safe and secure. Here are some ways in which you can check the construction quality of a housing project.

  1. Understanding the structural design of the building: It may be difficult to understand the structural design of the building. So you as a home buyer must take help of the expert to understand the design created by the architect. The property needs to be thoroughly assessed. 
  2. Checking the exterior of the building: During the site visit, it is important to observe if there are any cracks in the building. Some minor cracks in the building indicate that low-grade quality of materials has been used for construction. 
  3. Checking lifts and elevators: You need to make sure that you check the working condition of amenities such as elevators and lifts. These amenities play a very important role in high rise apartments
  4. Ensuring safety measures: Check the safety measures are taken by the real estate developer. The safety measures to be considered include fire exit, emergency evacuation, and earthquake resistance. Also, it is mandatory that you check the space and size of the staircase. Space should be so wide that two people can run alongside if an emergency arises. 
  5. Checking the strength of the concrete mix: The builders should check the strength of the concrete mix as the grade of the concrete and concrete-sand ratio is important for the quality of construction. You need to also ask the builder for certification of concrete mix provided by a testing lab. 
  6. Keep an eye on fittings and fixtures: Fittings are usually not included in the purchase. If they are then you must check that bathroom fittings, wires, and electrical fittings are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. 
  7. Checking the wall thickness: Check the thickness of the wall by knocking on the wall. The sound tells you a lot about the construction quality. Another way to check the construction quality of the wall is by making a hole in the wall using the key. If you are successful in making a hole the wall then the developer has not used material of good quality.
  8. Checking the paint and plastering quality: You need to also check the plastering of the outer walls. The cracks on the wall indicate that the quality of the construction is not good. Good quality paint on the wall has two benefits. It not only improves the longevity of the wood and walls but it also enhances the visual appeal. 
  9. The project should have all the approvals: Ensure that the project has all approvals and legal titles. If the construction is not as per approved plans then avoid such projects as they will have to struggle with finding an occupancy certificate. 
  10. Finishing: You should also check the quality of plaster, marbles, paints, and tiles. If there are any doubts then you must ask the builder the necessary questions about the brands used. If you use poor quality of paints, you will have to replace them soon.

So, get a quality check done before finalizing the home deal. If you are looking at flats in Panvel or want to invest in property in Panvel, Hiranandani Fortune City is a good option to consider amongst all the new projects in Panvel. It is a wonderful community township in Panvel that is spread across 350 acres of land. It is close to prime locations such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls and entertainment zones.