Dining Space Design Ideas

Dining Space Design Ideas | Hiranandani Communities

Dining Space Design Ideas
Hiranandani Communities | 18 May,2018

Dining Space Design

A unique idea adopted by a famous designer for his own home was painting his ceiling with a high-gloss blush. The reason for this he says is to lend those seated at the dining table, a candlelit glow to their complexion. We similarly recommend that you pair your dining table with vintage chairs. By adding an ornate mirror to the whole setup lends a bit of dazzle with candles placed at the front of it. Decorate your dining space with antique themed wallpaper and hang a pair of cozy lanterns as they will feel less formal than a chandelier.

Ethnic and indigenous art would be perfect for a long rectangular table. Or you could even use some of the sculptures and mementoes from your global travels to add a bit of colour and interest. South African pottery is the new kind of rural serveware that would add a deeper layer of richness to your dining experience.

If you and your family love going on a cruise instead of landlocked holidays, we recommend a nautical theme, with nautical ropes as a roughly hewn chandelier of sorts with light bulbs attached. The walls could reflect the calm of turquoise with seashells on your dining table instead of a vase of flowers. The chairs could be of a simple white bamboo, with plush pastel-coloured cushions. Or if you’d really like to get completely authentic, we suggest dining chairs are covered in textured linen jute.

If you’d like your dining area to be formal and yet, with elegant rusticity and refinement, we suggest hair-on-hide leather covered chairs paired with crystal chandeliers and a white wood dining table that can seat at least 8 people comfortably.

Rural printed textiles can make a world of a difference especially if paired with bold coloured furnishings. This would look perfect for a farmhouse themed dining room. If you’re a fan of the 70’s or 80’s disco era, we recommend bright colours, like deep pink upholstery on vintage repurposed chairs painted white with a dining table that’s done in in a high-glass white. It would be the perfect backdrop to your silverware. To create a better contrast, paint your floors in a pastel shade of grey with white accents.


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