Kihim vs Nagaon, where should you invest?

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Kihim vs Nagaon, where should you invest?
Hiranandani Communities | 15 Sep, 2018

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The real estate in Alibaug has become attractive to property buyers. Alibaug, which has been the preferred getaway spot for Mumbaikars with its sprawling beaches, for decades, is getting the attention it deserves. The government of Maharashtra is improving the coastline to be an international spot for travellers. Moreover, real estate developers have set their eyes on Alibaug as well, adding to the development by enhancing real estate expansion in Alibaug. Plots in Alibaug are now in demand for all those wanting to build their home away from home along the coast line. One of the most prominent questions for property buyers now is which beach to make their vacation villa on. We decided to compare two of Alibaug's most popular beaches, Kihim and Nagaon, to help you identify which one can be the ideal beach for your dream vacation home.


Kihim is one of Alibaug's most uncluttered and lively beaches. Kihim is known for not only its beautiful coastline but also for its forest cover. That's why Kihim is popular as a birdwatcher's paradise. Located about 12 km from Alibaug, Kihim is for the adventure lover and for those who enjoy staying close to the woods, bird watching and spotting rare butterflies. For the nature lover, Kihim is the perfect spot for a vacation villa.


One of Alibaug's cleanest and uncluttered beaches, Nagaon is known for its sprawling coastline and lively ambience. It is one of Alibaug's most famous beaches, known to be the most preferred choice for a residence. Along with a cover of coconut and betel plantations, Nagaon is known for its water sports and as a beach ideal for surfing.

The contrast between Kihim and Nagaon is clear enough to help you identify which one suits your needs better. If you're looking to get away from civilization for a while, Kihim is your ideal spot. On the other hand, if you want your vacation villa to be a home away from home, or for family vacations, Nagaon is the best option for you.

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