Living room lighting ideas

Living Room Lighting Ideas | Hiranandani Communities 

Living room lighting ideas
Hiranandani Communities | 19 June,2018

Living room lighting ideas

What a better place but your living space to relax after a long day. Make your space cozier with interesting living room lighting ideas.  

  • Sconces or wall lights for a minimalist look 
  • Get sconces or wall lights for your living room to add a stylish touch. If you wish to create mood lighting or match the lamps that you have in your living room, then candle wall sconces are a good option. Sconces are usually installed in pairs in the living rooms. Opt for chandelier-style sconces that are accent lighting designed to add texture, shape and contrast to walls. 
  • DIY table lamps for a cozy and warm vibe 
  • Personalize your living room with table lamps. These lamps are subtle in terms of lighting effect. They also provide an ideal setting for a warm and cozy vibe. A modern table lamp is perfect for a modern living room. Find lamps that will complement the style of the living room. 
  • Hang a chandelier
  •  Beautify your living rooms with elegant chandeliers. Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. You can opt for small chandeliers that will look best for low ceiling living rooms. If your apartment has tall ceilings, then you should opt for huge chandeliers. Chandeliers that you choose must match the furniture in your living room. 
  • Pendant lamps to illuminate a specific area 
  • Bring a pendant light that provides an interesting contrast to your room. The purpose of a pendant lamp is to illuminate a specific area. Pendants are best suited for a high ceiling room as they bring light closer to the fixtures. If you have a low ceiling with white walls, then hang a white pendant lamp to make the space look bigger. 
  • Sky lights for adding a new dimension to your home 
  • Sky lights are an interesting option for the living room as they bring daylight into a living room. Opt for a tubular skylight to bring light into an area with much ceiling space. You can also bring opaque and translucent skylights to create a different atmosphere in the room under various lighting conditions. 
  • Recessed lighting to create a fresh look for your living room 
  • If you want to create a whole new look for your living room you can opt for recessed lighting.  Recessed lighting makes the room appear larger through a technique known as wall washing. Strategically placing recessed lighting fixture into your living ceiling provides sufficient lighting. It also changes the look and feel of the living room.

We hope that these living room lighting ideas will surely make your living room design look more spacious and welcoming.