The Right Art for Your Home

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The Right Art for Your Home
Hiranandani Communities | 19 April,2018

Right Art for Home

Unless you’re an art critic, painter or a gallery owner, buying art will not come naturally to you. So we’ve collected a few tips on how you can get started on buying art, using it as a part of your home décor, or even starting a collection of your own.

Art comes in many forms

It doesn’t have to be a painting; it can be a sculpture, a tapestry or even an ornate rug. Take for example, the simplicity of high fashion – ornately carved clawed legs on a simple leather-bound ottoman.

Buy what you love

Be it a painting, a sculpture, or even a chandelier, the piece should thrill you every single day.  It could be a collection of pieces or just one single large statement piece placed in a prominent area. To showcase a single piece leave all other walls bare while adding decorative objects d’art to highlight it. 

Art for your bedroom

Look for soothing toned art with calming colours. A cluster of geometric lithographs, a single landscape, or abstract photography should be hung in simple gallery frames or just plain canvases. Paintings should be hung at eye level for maximum impact.

A rotating gallery

If you cannot decide on just the one piece that you like, select an assortment of artwork that inspires you. It could be a triple triptych of paintings or a collection of abstracts. You could either use a removable shelf or a keep a permanent shelf while you rotate the artworks from week to week.

What interior designers don’t tell you…
If you feel your living room is traditional, shake it up with a modern contemporary piece. If you have a minimalist décor, break the monotony with an ethnic traditional piece to transform it into the focal point of the room.

Don’t buy art for your room, but design your room around the art. This ensures that the piece does not get lost but adds a contrast while complementing the room instead of vice versa.

While hanging canvases on walls, it is recommended to get tailor made frames for your art – in terms of museum quality glass, do not stint on this as it will only showcase your art in a better light.

Keep a variety and an eclectic mix. Pair a high-end painting with quaint street art, or even a  postcard from a vacation and an antique globe atlas. Your art should tell a story about you.



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