Top 5 handpicked decor ideas for a large balcony

5 handpicked décor ideas for a large balcony | Hiranadani Communities

Top 5 handpicked decor ideas for a large balcony
Hiranandani Communities | 25 August, 2018

Balcony Décor Ideas

One of the most overlooked corners of any home is its balcony. A large balcony is an empty space calling to be decorated and used. Instead of using it to take in the view, why not decorate it and put it to use? At Hiranandani Communities, we believe that balconies are essential spaces which bring positivity and calmness to every home. That's why we've got decor ideas that will revamp your large balcony into a beautiful space.

1. Relaxation Central: Make you large balcony into a corner for relaxation. Put in a wooden rocking chair, a small carpet, a cup holder, few plants and create an earthen soothing aura in your balcony. Your balcony will transform from an empty space into a corner where you can put your feet up, sip tea and take in nature's bounty.

2. Chai point: Tea always tastes better when you have with friends and family. Why not create a special place in your home to make the most of tea time? Turn your balcony into your open-air tea room. Put in a lovely mahogany teapoy and some chairs. Decorate the balcony with hanging plants and potted plants. Your large balcony will now become a lounging space for your family to enjoy tea or coffee together. It can even serve as a serene spot for you to grab a book, sip your tea and read peacefully with the sunset in the background.

3. A garden: The most common way to put a large empty balcony to good use is by turning it into a garden. Turning a balcony into a garden doesn't simply mean putting up some plants. A garden requires a lot more than a few plants. Use a mix of plants and shrubs to make your balcony your green space. Put up all kinds of flower pots, vegetable plants, and hanging plants. Instead of using plain pots for your garden, decorate your pots or bring in colorful pots for your plants. Paint the walls along your balcony into colorful patterns and shapes. Or, paint lovely trees and flowers along the walls and add more greenery to your garden.

Your balcony is more than an extended space in your home. Simply adding a few plants, a chair or a table and a carpet can revamp a balcony into a functional and beautiful addition to your home. Decorate your balcony in your style and make the most of it.

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