Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends

Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends | Hiranandani Communities

Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends
Hiranandani Communities | 13 June,2018

Luxury Home Design

Whenever we hear the word luxury, we often think that a luxurious home is the one that comes with amenities and conveniences. But you must also be wondering what will be the new style trends. If you’re ready to find out about the top 5 luxury home design trends, read on. 

  1. Make a bold statement with concrete : You can decorate your apartment with concrete flooring and walls and can make a bold statement. The concrete walls can look elegant and amazing. With concrete flooring and walls, you can add a sleek industrial element to your luxury home. 
  2. Wallpaper to transform the look of your home: You can add more charm to the rooms in your apartment by using modern and bold prints. The wallpaper has become a trendy and popular luxury home design due to modern designs available. Wallpaper is being used for creating headboard accent walls. You can transform the look of your home with striking wallpaper. Florals are suited for bedrooms and bathrooms. You may also consider using a geometric pattern to fill your space with a modern look. 
  3. Animal themed furniture & animal-inspired furnishings: Animal themed furniture and animal-inspired furnishings will be seen in some of the most luxurious houses of 2018. You will find many luxury homeowners opting for animal themed furniture to add a bit of luxury to their apartments. 
  4. Open concept floor plans: Open floor plans is a trend that has been emerging for years now. The open floor plan concept has many advantages. They make your space look larger and make the cooking, dining and gathering spots more flexible and comfortable. Open floor plans also allow more light into the home and enhance the area to make it look airy and cheery.