Top 5 reasons you should invest in residential properties in Panvel

5 Reasons to invest in Residential property in Panvel | Hiranandani Communities

Top 5 reasons you should invest in residential properties in Panvel
Hiranandani Communities | 05 August, 2018

Residential Property in Panvel

Panvel is emerging as the new place to live for Mumbaikars. The largest suburb of Navi-Mumbai has become a hot investment destination. Residential properties are up and coming in Panvel. We decided to take a look at what makes Panvel one of the best places to invest in residential property:

1. Bettering infrastructure: Panvel nestles right along busy Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The intercity highway which connects two major cities is evolving its infrastructure. Indirectly, this boosts the infrastructure in Panvel as well given the highway runs right through the suburb.  Additionally, Panvel will be better connected to South Mumbai with a proposed Trans-Harbour sea link which will shorten the journey from town to Panvel to an hour and the Panvel-CST railway line.

2. Corporate Central: Several of India's biggest corporate giants have made Panvel as their HQ. With other corporates following suit, Panvel is becoming a corporate hub with a burgeoning job market. Naturally, a lot of families are now relocating there investing in property in Panvel.

3. New Airport: Panvel has been picked as the spot for Mumbai new international airport. The relocation of the one of the country's busiest airport will shift focus towards Panvel with development in terms of infrastructure, connectivity and investment. With the airport coming up, the real estate market in Panvel is bound to get a boost over the next couple of years.

4. Navi Mumbai's planned city life: The most significant feature of Navi Mumbai is its city planning. The careful approach to its development has ensured its suburbs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, and restaurants. Thus, Panvel is now a prime residential location for families.

5. Projected property growth: All the above-mentioned factors are collectively making the residential property an attractive market. Property buyers are keen to invest in property in Panvel. Naturally, property prices will be soaring in the near future, making investments profitable.

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