Why an integrated township is the best option for families

Townships projects in Panvel are the best option for families

Why an integrated township is the best option for families
Hiranandani Communities | 07 Sep, 2018

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It is tough for families to establish a well-rounded life in urban spaces. That's one of the prime reasons why townships and integrated townships are now gaining popularity. For families looking to buy homes, here's why integrated townships are your best option for your dream home:

1. Urban haven: Integrated townships, like the name suggests are mini-towns while being in urban cities. More importantly, these mini-towns are replete with greenery, amenities, facilities and spacious living spaces. Integrated townships are an urban haven planned to feel like a suburban town of its own despite being a part of a metropolis.

2. All-in-one destination: Integrated townships are designed to provide every facility and amenity for its residents. From hospitals and schools to malls, restaurants, and recreational areas, integrated townships are designed to meet all the needs of its residents.

3. Security: Not only will your apartment complex will have state-of-the-art security but also the whole neighborhood will be secured with cameras and checkpoints.

4. Green living: Integrated townships are crafted with lush landscaped gardens and have a green ecosystem of its own. They are a green oasis, away from the congestion and cramped city space. Moreover, townships strive to be eco-friendly too and invest in recycling, waste management and solar energy.

5. Profitable investment: These townships offer residents the option of an enriched life; therefore demand in this kind of real estate is high. Families are looking to buy or rent an apartment in an integrated township. Therefore, townships make for a profitable investment and have a high return on investment.

The most important reason why integrated townships are the most favorable option for residential housing is that they provide a comprehensive life. An example of this could be, for a family residing in a flat at township in Panvel, the parents' workspace, as well as the children's school, would be closer. Additionally, recreation, and outdoor facilities like gardens, gyms, yoga studios, basketball courts, etc. would also be a walk away from home. The family will have comprehensive amenities with a home that is surrounded by culture and greenery.

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