Why investors have an eye on Navi Mumbai real-estate?

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Why investors have an eye on Navi Mumbai real-estate?
HiranandaniCommunities | 26 Feb,2018

Navi Mumbai Real Estate

Emerging area around Mumbai and the MMR, Navi Mumbai has seen a phenomenal growth in the recent past. With the government’s focus on building a robust infrastructure, this emerging destination is well set for a robust growth.

The Mumbai real estate has become saturated in terms of procuring or investing in a home. Hence the peripheral areas are the new micro-markets in focus. Navi Mumbai provides state-of-the-art amenities and caters to people looking for homes in affordable and luxury segment. Residential and commercial property in Navi Mumbai is increasing the demand amongst investors. With constantly striving to meet the desired needs and sifting according to societal trends, Navi Mumbai is playing a major role in transforming the real estate landscape of the city

As an investor or a home buyer it is very important to analyse your financial aspects before proceeding towards your purchase. There are galore options today to invest in, however it’s essential you understand the location, the proximity it offers and the current trends in the area. This will help you underatnd the ROI and the other aspects.

Investing in any of the projects in Navi Mumbai, always leads to a good profit regardless of whether you live in or use it for renting.

There are many reasons why the real estate development of Navi Mumbai is on the rise. Two of the most relevant ones are:

Residential and commercial status


CIDCO has been the  major  contributor towards the development of Navi Mumbai. About 45 sectors in this city are well-developed from the infrastructural point of view. Many projects are present here with all basic amenities all approved by CIDCO. The property price trend in some of it areas like Kharghar are affordable.


It is a fact that commercial development is wholly responsible for development of an area.  Navi Mumbai is a commercial hub with huge purchasing strength. The entire area of this city is commercialized including CBD area, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which is spread across 13000 hectares that has given opportunities for many people for business and employment alike. Well-developed infrastructure is also one of the reasons that have given boost to this city.


A city with good connectivity, always grab investors interest. Navi Mumbai provides a better connectivity to all other points and localities within it and outside it. Kharghar being closely located to Pune and Nashik, has attracted many investors from these localities.

The Sion- Panvel Highway in Kharghar ends up to Mumbai and various other areas in Navi Mumbai. Several shopping malls and big complexes have surrounded Panvel, where the residents enjoy visiting, during their weekends. Distance of Navi Mumbai airport from Kharghar is 39km, which a person can cover by a car.

Future plans of developing projects have been undertaken by CIDCO include Panvel-Karjat railway line, Navi Mumbai Airport and Panvel railway station.