Why you should make your next investment in Alibaug

Why to invest in property in Alibaug | Hiranandani Communities

Why you should make your next investment in Alibaug
Hiranandani Communities | 01 Sep, 2018

Invest in Alibaug

Investing in real estate requires vision. The most profitable investments come because of foresight for potential markets. One such potential market real estate investors have turned to, is Alibaug. Wondering why? Here are the top factors why you should make your next property investment in Alibaug:

1. Proximity to cities: Alibaug is a quiet coastal town which sits at a close proximity to Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai as well as Pune. While this proximity has made it a go-to vacation spot, its location is now the reason Alibaug is now an investment hub. Investors are buying property in Alibaug to build villas and vacation homes.

2. Vacation Homes: Although Alibaug is at close proximity to major metros, it continues to be a vacation spot. The emerging real estate market in Alibaug is focused on vacation homes and villas instead of residential homes. Investors are already buying plots in Alibaug while real estate developers are focusing on building luxurious villas.

3. Infrastructure: With real estate in Alibaug witnessing tremendous growth, the basic infrastructure around the area is rapidly developing too. Amongst the upcoming projects is the ambitious Panvel-Kopra airport which is located about 45 km from Alibaug. Additionally, connectivity to Alibaug is about to get a boost with a Ro-Ro car service from Mumbai, a 4-lane Mumbai-Goa Highway and an extensive railway corridor from Virar. These projects are set to make reaching Alibaug a whole lot faster. Along with infrastructure, there’s a better lifestyle making its way to Alibaug too, making it more attractive as a vacation spot.

4. Profitability: The real estate market in Alibaug has witnessed a 150% growth in the last decade itself. With ongoing developments and investments, the property rates in Alibaug are bound to skyrocket over the next decade. That is why investors are investing now by buying plots in Alibaug because the ROI is high.

Alibaug is now among the most desired destinations for property investments. Why not build your vacation villa while making a profitable investment? Take the first step with Hiranandani Communities and get your dream vacation home in Alibaug.