Why Khandala
No one belongs here
more than you.
When you know it's the little things in life that make the big things, you realize there's so much more to do and experience. This is what
we offer you. Away from the overly tourist frequented, a hilltop near Khandala with the greenest of acres to choose from, 518 m above
sea level. More than a refuge, it’s a world of your own.

We invite you to build what inspires you.
Projects at Mount Alterra.
Living as it should be.
the Experience
Crafted by nature
Marketed by Hiranandani Communities
The blue of the sky or the green of the trees aren’t something that can be bought. They have to be experienced. This is what the
projects at Mount Alterra bring, a platform to live a life of pure indulgence. Spread across hundreds of acres, the projects at Mount Alterra
overlook different mountains with an invite to experience luxury, leisure and adventure!
The Location
All mountains hold stories.
Here’s a chance to write yours.

The projects at Mount Alterra are a serene oasis nestled in the lush mountains of Khandala right off of Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. It's
surreal beauty will indulge your senses with its beautiful mix of luxury and leisure. Being away from the crowds yet close to where you need to
be, the Projects at Mount Alterra are only 57 kms away from the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport and 58.4 kms away from MCA Stadium, Pune. It's time to reclaim your life. One breath at a time. And, we’ve found the perfect place for you.

Location Map
The projects have been registered via MahaRERA registration number, Ajanta Farms: P52000000525, Anjali Farms: P52000000530, Besto Farms: P52000000532, Classic Commercial Services: P52000000430, Greenfield Resorts: P52000000468, Kapur Farms: P52000000881, Niranjan Investments: P52000000606, Supriya Farms: P52000000536, Joy Farms: P52000001190, Ajanta Farms: P52000013735, Anjali Farms: P52000013736, Besto Farms: P52000013911, Greenfield Resorts: P52000013734, Joy Farms: P52000013869, Kapur Farms: P52000013913, Krishnagiri Farms: P52000013868, Niranjan Investments: P52000013731, Supriya Farms: P52000013870, Yash Farms: P52000013912 and is available on the website https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in under registered projects.