Todays trendiest homes
Hiranandani Communities | 30 July,2018

Give your apartment a trendy makeover. Here are some ways to make your home not only elegant but in line with today’s trends too.

How to use colour to make your home a vibrant space?
Hiranandani Communities | 27 July,2018

A colour is a powerful tool that helps create a living space that warms the heart. We have collected a few ideas that will surely help you in turning your apartment into a vibrant space.

10 super-fun themes for a childs room
Hiranandani Communities | 25 July,2018

Decorating your child’s room can be quite a task especially if it has to be designed according to a particular theme. We have put together some super-fun theme ideas which will help you to convert your kid’s room into a creative one and add a wow factor to it.

The essential guide to selecting room flooring
Hiranandani Communities | 23 July,2018

Flooring is an essential part of every home décor. If the flooring of a home doesn’t match with the rest of its décor, then the whole room loses its charm. That is why it is crucial to pick flooring carefully. Moreover, there are so many flooring options available that you need to consider various features of several options before narrowing down on one. This guide will help you ease your worries about selecting the right flooring and make your choices easier. 

10 makeover ideas that will revamp your bedroom
Hiranandani Communities | 21 July,2018

Do you feel that your bedroom décor is boring and needs some refurbishing? Want to turn your bedroom into a cherished oasis? We have curated tips and ideas which will enable you to give your bedroom a facelift and make it cozier.