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The power of horticulture at Hiranandani Fortune City

The power of horticulture at Hiranandani Fortune City
3 Sep 2022

“Nature itself is the best physician.” - Famous Greek physician Hippocrates

Nature has a very positive impact on human health and even more so in an emotional and psychological sense, say various studies over the years. In fact, Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of New York City's Central Park observed that the trees, meadows, ponds, and wildlife tranquilize the stresses of city life. For instance, there are studies that show that some trees emit invisible chemicals that have the potential to reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure, and improve immunity.

That's why the Hiranandani Communities Horticulture team works round the clock to make nature work as a healing agent for the residents at Hiranandani Fortune City. From green open lawns, picnic lawns, and an aroma garden with a walking trail to a reflexology path, the long list of amenities use nature as a way to wellbeing and good health.

Here are some of the physical and psychological triggers which can benefit those stressed-out to feel at one with nature.

Designed to up the happy hormones

Whatever the age is, spending quality time in natural green spaces has a dip in the levels of the stress hormone. It has a great effect on mood controls, memory, and immunity. Many experts feel that it can be a positive escape from the stress many of us take for granted as a part of modern living. That's why the horticulture team at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel led by Dyanoba Gole have come up with a range of novel ideas to include nature in the design of the township.

Flowers and plants are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts. The mere sight of the greens will help you to leave your worries behind. All the worries can be left at the proverbial garden gate of the township.

A brisk walk in the garden could lower the risk of dementia by 36 per cent, says a study. Another study suggests that spending quality time with nature fights stress even better than other hobbies.

Physical benefits

Be it the gardens or the lawns, the open green spaces at Hiranandani Fortune City give the residents a purpose to be outside and move in the sun and fresh air. Whether you're taking a brisk walk or a stroll with your friends and family members, spending some quality time in nature is a great way of burning calories. It's also an excellent activity to keep your brain engaged. Fresh air can help prevent attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among students, says a survey.

Spending some 10 minutes in the sun between 7 am and 9 am helps people to gain the required Vitamin D they need from sunlight. It increases one's calcium levels. The slew of quality spaces for outdoor activities at Hiranandani Fortune City offers the perfect environment for residents to get their sunshine while pursuing a fun hobby.