Working At Hiranandani

We encourage a work culture in which employees can pursue excellence with freedom. An interactive atmosphere pervades the company and we regard our employees as our biggest asset. We also seek to foster the employees' opportunity for growth; expansion of new ideas and work ethos through appreciation and recognition of their contribution.

  • Human Excellence

    The Human Resource Department is committed to provide human excellence to the company through myriad activities.

  • Training and Development

    We provide the best training and development facilities to our employees so that they can make a meaningful contribution to the achievement of the organizational objectives.

  • Rewards & Recognition

    We believe that excellence must never go unnoticed. We encourage an atmosphere in which employees are acknowledged for their efforts with a simple thank you or are given specific awards. Here, performance is the sole criterion for growth.

  • Welfare

    At Hiranandani Communities, we're one big family and like families we lookout for each other with a plethora of welfare schemes for our employees.

  • Employee Engagement

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That's why we ensure that our employees get timely 'fun breaks' like picnic days, sports competitions and various other entertaining activities. We also celebrate most festivals as a group.