Why the property market in panvel is set to take off!
Hiranandani Communities | 29 Jan,2019

Property Market in Panvel

People in Mumbai are looking to invest in properties, not from the same mindset they did 5 years ago. Since they now have better and multiple options available with them to choose from, they are taking their time and doing their due-diligence before finalizing their preferred option. With increasing community living and townships projects in Panvel, builders are trying to leave no stone unturned to fulfil the demands of their prospective buyers. 

Ways to make your home child-safe
Hiranandani Communities | 27 Jan,2019

Home Child Safe

Nothing is cuter than a baby smiling and playing in the lovely abode called home. But our homes are not just a playground for them. Homes do contain plenty of things that can harm babies and even cause some fatal accidents.

The most pinned homes in 2018
Hiranandani Communities | 25 Jan,2019

Pinned Homes in 2018

Pinterest has become the hub for all the fashionholics looking for trends, designs and ideas to lighten up their homes. With their faces in the world sharing pictures of their beautiful faces.

Recap of panvel’s real estate market of 2018
Hiranandani Communities | 23 Jan,2019

Panvel real Estate Market

The New Airport has been kick-started for the first time in Mumbai

Know about property tax in india
Hiranandani Communities | 21 Jan,2019

Property Tax in India

Before investing in any property or making any kind of purchasing decisions, one must do a thorough background check of all the rules and regulations around them. Especially, when you are investing in any personal property and buying it from a reputed builder, where your life-long & hard-earned money is involved.