Turn your house into a home in these few steps
Hiranandani Communities | 28 March 2019

Township Projects in Mumbai

It's that time of the year when you bid farewell to the cold winter and the summer. Coziness is about how comfortable you are in your home. In winters, we have our quilts & blankets out, goodfire spreading warmth across rooms and hot drinks like Coffee Mocha accompanying us for our last drink of the night. But winter is over now, and we have the task of keeping our home cozy during summers as well.

Steps to convert your balcony into a garden
Hiranandani Communities | 26 March 2019

Home Balcony with Garden

To be honest, it's not so easy. Designing a garden at your home, especially in your balcony, requires a great investment of time and energy along with the money. The world of the time is deciding the theme and style of the garden. 

Best gym equipment to workout at your home
Hiranandani Communities | 24 March 2019

Best Gym Euipment for Home

It's actually never too late to make a change in your lifestyle. If you've been thinking about getting a membership for a long time, then change the way you've been approaching it. I mean, if you can not go to the gym, then get the gym home.


5 Things which may increase your home worthiness
Hiranandani Communities | 22 March 2019

Residential Projects in Mumbai

Home is where the heart is. True that! But what do you have to do to make things look good? Or what if you want to refinance your home for something bigger and better.

5 Home renovation tips to save more on home improvement cost
Hiranandani Communities | 20 March 2019

Home Renovation Tips

The first step to renovation is getting the right contractor hired, if you can get one whose work you have seen first hand its great, but if not get the contractor to give you at least two or three recent references that you can cross check with. Remodelling your home is a huge project and getting the right contractor makes all the difference. Take the time to go and see an ongoing project or a completed one.