Terms & Conditions

  1. You have voluntarily agreed to share/ upload information on Hiranandani Group of companies' digital presence on different platforms, i.e. Blu App, www.hiranandani.com, www.hiranandanicommunities.com, www.hiranandaniexclusive.com & www.hiranandanischools.edu.in. All details as mentioned in the form must be duly filled in; else the same would not be considered as valid. You may reach out to us on the co-ordinates specified in the referral section of the company's website or the company's digital presence on various platforms (as mentioned above), for any query on the program.
  2. Youhave voluntarily agreed to share/upload details of yours& your referrals i.e. friend(s)/relative(s)/associate(s)/co-worker(s)/others herein after termed as Referral Leads(RL) by sharing personal information, i.e.name(s) / e-mail id(s)/mobile no.(s) and you are sharing the same in good faith. The date on which you have given the RL shall be termed as Referral Date (RD). Youwill be responsible for the referral shared & we would request you to preferably refer those people who are, or may be interested in real estate purchase.
  3. You agree that at time of taking the RL(s) from you, we shall dynamically search/check in HGP Community Private Limited, Persipina Developers Private Limited, Evita Constructions Private Limited and Greenfields Resorts Private Limited data base for referrals given for Hiranandani Gardens Project in Powai, Hiranandani Fortune City in Panvel Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam in New Chennai and Mount Alterra in Khandala respectively as to whether the RL(s) so referred already exists in the respective projects databases for period up to RD-60days. In case RL does exist in the respective projects data base as above then we shall, through our employee/manager/associate, communicate the same to you that such RL(s) shall not accepted as valid referrals.
  4. All the RL(s) successfully accepted inour data base shall be exclusively tagged in your name for RD+60 days.
  5. You will be informed of their referrals through a designated email id as mentioned on the referral section of the company's website. All communication regarding your referrals and its status would be done through this email id and you may also reach out to us on the same. Within 1-2 business days from RD you will receive a welcome email that would intimate you of the status/validity of your referrals. Subsequently, you will also be informed via email of the progress of your valid RL's.
  6. While your confidentiality shall be maintained through the Program unless it is absolutely must for us to disclose your name to your RL(s) in case of any objections by individual RL/RLs.
  7. You agree and understand that Hiranandani Group of Companies through its employee(s)/associate(s)/outsourced tele-calling support shall reach out to the RL(s) severally/jointly, multiple time(s) as the case may be through, telephone, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp messages during validity period of the RL(s) i.e., RD+60 days. This is to ensure that RL(s) thus being given by you are followed up for marketing / sale of premises in various building(s) in 'Hiranandani Project(s)' namely Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, New Chennai and Mount Alterra, Khandala jointly/severally.
  8. You agree and understand that during the RD+60days period Hiranandani Group of companies shall through its employee(s)/associate(s)/outsourced tele-calling support shall update you via either e-mail/telephone/SMS/WhatsApp on the progress of marketing / sales effort concerningyour RL(s).
  9. You will be eligible for a Referral Gift (RG) if and, only if your RL(s) conclude(s) a purchase, referred to as Referral Lead Closure (RLC),of any premise(s) in any one of Hiranandani Project(s)and fulfil the registration of 'Agreement of Sale' for the said property. You will be informed of your RLC's and RG's through email and you may also reach out to us via email/phone at the co-ordinates mentioned on the referral section of the company's website.
  10. All such RG(s) may by subject to Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), if applicable as the case may be, and any tax on such gift, shall be solely to your account.
  11. In case the RL(s) do not conclude the purchase of any premises with in RD+60 days, or by their own communication tell our employee(s)/associate(s)/outsourced tele-calling support not to further contact them, then in that case sales managerwill intimate you via telephone, e-mail, SMS, whatsapp of such development and such RL(s) shall be discontinued for any marketing / sales activity.
  12. In case during the program, RERA regulations make it compulsory for you to register as a Channel Partner then in such a scenario you shall agree to do so expeditiously. Our Channel Partner team in such scenario shall help you in such registration with RERA.
  13. All the rights of the referral program shall remain with Hiranandani Group of Companies and it shall have all the rights to add/delete/modify any existing term(s) condition(s) without any notice to anyone to safeguard its business interest. Incase of any conflicts regarding the referral program Hiranandani Management decision shall be final.
  14. You have read all the terms and conditions and fully understood the same.